5 Reasons I Am Thankful For My Pets

What comes to mind when you think of the month of November? Why, Thanksgiving, of course!

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect with friends and family about the things we are blessed with and thankful for in our lives or at least that is what we do in our household. Being a veterinarian, I get the opportunity to live out my passion of helping animals on a daily basis. So today, I think it only fitting to talk about why I am thankful for my pets and encourage you all to do the same.

1. “Dog Days”: How many of us experience those days when you come home feeling completely stressed out? But the instant you walk through the door, you are enthusiastically greeted by your beloved pets. They greet you with that “OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH, I thought I would never see you again!!!!” kind of excitement. I can’t help but break into a huge smile from that kind of warm reception because it makes me feel noticed, loved and appreciated.

2. “Critter Cuddles”: These are the times when I am so dog tired that I just need to sit on the couch to decompress and relax and catch a quick catnap. When I awake, it is to the delight of finding my dog and/or my cat cuddled and snuggled deep into me. They make the best cuddle companions.

3. “Walk About”: When the day seems to pull me down and I lack the energy to move, I love that I can always count on my dog (and believe it or not, my cat) to go for a walk and motivate me to stay active.

4. “Don’t Sweat It”: Even those times when my pets frustrate me, they somehow have a way of reminding me to not sweat the small stuff in life but to appreciate the many blessings that abound.

5. “Family Ties”: And lastly, I’m just thankful that for all the reasons listed above, because my pets help bond my little growing family and bring us all together to enjoy life as a whole. They enhance our family life beyond measure.

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