Paw King Emergency Preparedness Kit

Emergencies happen unexpectedly. For this reason, emergency preparedness is an essential practice to safeguard our loved ones. In the wake of an emergency, our furry loved ones can often times be left out of the emergency preparedness plans! The goal is to devise a plan to include all loved ones, furred and non-furred, to ensure all living within the home are safe.

Starting Your Emergency Plan Outline

The first step is to create a plan that provides an itemized outline. Remember, include your pets into the emergency plan.

  1. Create a list of places that are pet friendly if an emergency happens.

  2. Store updated pictures of your pets along with all digital records (all should be in a digital cloud to guarantee the records are always available).

The records should include:

  • Pictures (face and coloring for easy identification)

  • Microchip number(s) if available

  • All veterinary records*

All of these records are essential when it comes to identifying your pet if they are accidentally separated during the emergency. Medical records (specific surgeries, etc.) can be used as forms to confirm your pet’s identity.

  1. Build an emergency kit for your pets

  2. PRACTICE your emergency preparedness plan to make sure everyone knows their roles

Pet Preparedness Kit: Basics for Survival

The second step is to create a pet preparedness kit for your PAW. The items in this kit will vary based upon where you live.

  • Emergency Preparedness Bag

  • Fresh water (1-2 bottles of water) – should be update annually

  • Foldable water and water bowls

  • Food (2-3-day supply) +/- treats – should be updated regularly to optimize freshness

  • Records (see above)

  • Pet waste bags (dogs) or portable litter box(es) and litter (cats)

  • Necoichi Portable Litter box (

  • Seasonal – depending on the season clothing/toy(s)

  • Name, phone number, and address of local Veterinary Emergency Clinic

  • Carriers – make sure they are easily accessible

  • Livestock – don’t forget to make plans for your farm friends such as shelter, feeding, and watering

Remember. Pet Preparedness is tantamount! You should review your plan outline regularly to make sure that it is updated and has the most current information on your pet. Also, make sure that you routinely check on the supplies in your pet preparedness kit to make sure that food and water are fresh. For more information, please visit:

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