Grable’s Top 10 Tail-Waggin’ List

As I hop up onto my couch to write a little note, my favorite creature hopped right up next to me. He’s one of my furry friends for which I’m most grateful. He’s on my list of “Top 10”!

Thanks, and giving are two of my favorite words!! Put them together and they get even better! It’s that holiday where we indulge in awesome food and hopefully, spend time with family and friends!  Thanksgiving is a great reminder for me to be thankful.

I’ll admit, I’m not always thankful. Although I am 99.9% kind, gracious, and mindful in saying thanks, I’m not always thankful…like counting my blessings thankful…like glass half full thankful. But during this month of November, a season of change and thanks, I’m here to tell you that I am going to count my “thanks”.  Every morning I will be writing one down on a list and adding more if they come to mind. My little Grabes is at the top of the list. I do wonder what he is most thankful for.

What would your PAW wag their tail over?  For Grabes, his Top 10 Tail-Waggin’ List is below:

  • My human mom (How cool is that that I am at the top of the list?)

  • My human siblings

  • Squeaky toys

  • When my human dad comes home


  • Raw carrots

  • Random people coming to the door

  • Car rides!

  • Going for walks

  • Going to bed at night, snuggling

I hope you make a grateful list for yourself and YOUR PAW too!

Try creating your pet’s list FIRST. After all, your paw would put YOU at the top of the list too! How cool is that?!

~Written by a valued Paw King Member

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