Paw King is pleased to present our Emergency Pet Preparedness Bag. Emergency situations can arise in a moment’s notice, so make sure you and your paws are prepared in case an emergency hospital stay, flooding, storm damage, fire, or other unexpected events should arise. Once you receive your bag, the following steps should be taken:


  • Clearly write your pet’s name, along with your veterinarian’s name and phone number, on the white label on the front of the bag.
  • Keep the bag stored in a location that will be easily accessible in the event of an emergency (car trunk, hall closet, etc.).
  • Pack the following items inside the bag: 3 bottles of water, 7 days’ worth of food, collapsible food/water dishes, prescription medication, travel bedding, and your pet’s favorite toy. An additional item for cat owners to include would be an emergency litter box.
  • Collar and tag your pet with your address and phone number on the back of their nametag so you can be reached in case of separation.
  • Print off a current picture of your pet, laminate it, and include inside the bag in case of separation.


For tips and ideas, here’s a link to view how our in-house Paw Doc packed his pet preparedness bag: Dr. Josh Blog on Pet Preparedness


We hope you never have to utilize the preparedness bag, but applaud you in advance for being ready and prepared just in case. For each bag sold, we will donate $1 to Dr. Josh’s handpicked charities. Our pricing includes shipping.

Emergency Pet Preparedness Bag

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  • If you are unhappy with your Emergency Pet Preparedness Bag in any way, please feel free to return the product for a full refund. (Less the $1 donation which would have already been applied to a charitable organization)